Late yesterday afternoon we found the cutest Instagram post about a Rockford Promposal, but we didn't know the story... now we do!

I love a good mystery, especially when the mystery is solved.

Yesterday we share this post and story about a Promposal that happened at the enLIGHTen Experience but all we knew was the girl's name was Brooke.

So we shared the photo and asked for more of the story and thanks to all of you, we got it!

First I got a message from Karly, the sister of the Promposer, who is named Luke. Karly said, she is the manager at enLIGHTen Experience and told me their names are Luke and Brooke and they go to Boylan and have been dating for three years!

Then, I actually got in contact with Brooke, who gave me the full story:

We planned on going to the Enlighten museum on Sunday and Luke called me and told me the power went out, we almost couldn’t go. His sister Karly, who is the manager there, told Luke the power was back on so we were able to go. We walked through the museum and took pictures. We go to the end of the museum into the graffiti room. We walked and at first I didn’t notice it and then realized that it was written in huge letters on the screen. I was extremely shocked because I had absolutely no idea that the promposal was coming. We’ve been dating for 3 years so there was no shock that he was going to ask me but the fact that I was clueless about it happening made it even better.
Thank you for sharing your story, Brooke, have a great time at Prom - send us your pictures!
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