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The most popular Rockford Halloween costume this year was a no-brainer.

For what must be the umpteenth year in a row, going as a Rockford Peaches baseball player is the most popular Rockford Halloween costume.

If you take a look at the most popular Rockford Instagram photos nearly half of them feature someone wearing a Rockford Peaches uniform.

For instance, here are four girls that went as team:

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That's not all, there's plenty who went by themselves as Peaches player.

Mae! Mae! Don't use my bat use Marla's it's heavier A post shared by Mary 🌸 (@marypardy97) on

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Some Rockford Peaches partied on Halloweekend with other random baseball playing dudes.

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While these three took their Rockford Peaches costumes all the way to New York City and repped on the subway.

“We just gave her a dress” “-and a lot of liquor” ⚾️

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I know, I get it, Rockford Peaches costumes have been the rage forever, so you can always change it up, like this kid.  

Yep, he's Pablo Escobar.

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