At what point when the doorbell rings do you think, "Well I better grab my sword..." Welcome to Wisconsin?

A Wisconsin nut job named Owen Reese but down the Dungeons and Dragons dice long enough, to pick up a sword and answer the door when some kids rang his bell. It turns out, the kids were Cub Scouts selling popcorn and Owen was ready to get crazy. With the sword high over head, and threatening the Cub Scouts, the boys earned their "let's get the hell out of here badge." SG

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The kids went home and told mom and dad about the weirdo with the sword and the cops were called. Wanna guess what happens next?

As the police arrived at Owen Reese's home, he once again held the sword high over his head and was ready to flex his dork muscles. The difference this time, these officers had guns drawn and that is that...Owen dropped the gun.

Cops searched Owen's home and found some goodies that put him in even deeper trouble. According to the Sparta Police Department in Wisconsin, what was found was "a large number of knives and swords, as well as marijuana and several smoking devices." Well that's not good, Owen.

When interviewed by police about his sword fetish, Owen was quoted as saying he:

"always answers the door with a sword to protect himself against religious people.”

Well, shoot Owen...that does make sense. But Cub Scouts and cops? You might wanna chill on the sword bro.

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