As a purveyor of all things pizza, it's strange for me to admit that I've never heard of a specific type of pie.

I mean, sure and of course, I've had Chicago-style pizza, and even Detroit style and better yet, the Quad Cities' very own style of pizza but this is a new one even to me.

Then again, after some extensive Googleing I realized that this type of pizza is only found at one pizza joint or should I say one pizza chain.

It's called Wisconsin-style pizza and I am not totally sure why it's called that, like, at all.

The name of the restaurant dubbing their pizza "Wisconsin style" is a joint called Toppers.

The closest one of those in relation to the 815 is in Janesville, Wisconsin.

The truth is, I have never heard of this place until today. They have plenty of locations in Wisconsin and much of the midwest including one in Illinois and as far West as Texas.

At Toppers they tout they're serving Wisconsin-style pizza, meaning:

Wisconsin Style pizza uses daily, scratch-made dough and fresh mozzarella from the planet's cheese capital - which just happens to be Wisconsin. Together, they're a perfect foundation for over 40 toppings.

Long story long, Toppers calls their pizza Wisconsin-style because the cheese they use for the pizza is from Wisconsin.

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If it's based on the look, it could very well be considered tavern-style pizza which is, besides deep dish, a Chicago staple. The cut is different but looks similar.

At the same time, I'm pretty sure most pizza joints in the Midwest probably use cheese from Wisconsin so aren't all pizzas considered "Wisconsin-style?"

Toppers has received primarily average reviews with a 2.5 out of 5 on Yelp.

Jen B. says "The delivery times are long, the pizza is mediocre and the service is barely acceptable." but Cori B. mentioned, "a better pizza place for my taste compared to many I've been at."

Have you tried the real Wisconsin-style pizza from Toppers? Any good?

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