Last night's super bright moon wasn't your usual full moon, it was a snow moon and might be making you feel a little different today.

I love full moons. I love looking at the moon and how it takes a different shape every night, and I like to read about what the different moons might do to our emotions. You could say I'm into astrology, but I just think I'm into blaming my crazy on the moon, hello last Christmas... blaming that crazy on the moon for sure.

Last night's full moon was called a "snow moon." What does that mean? According to, it means a lot.

  • It's called a snow moon because it happens in February, which is statistically the month when we get the most snow per year.
  • Last night's snow moon was the last full moon in the cycle that started in September 2015, you remember the "blood moon," right? Well that was the beginning of this eclipse cycle and last night was the end, which means...
  • It's time for your brain to clean house, emotionally.
  • The snow moon is supposed to allow us to heal from whatever has been going on since September.
  • The next eclipse cycle starts in March, so our minds are now preparing for that by getting rid of emotional baggage and taking care of matters of the heart.
  • You might be revisiting a lot that has happened since September and that's in order for you to sort through it all.

Those are the basics, but there's way more detail available on their site. There might be a lot of work ahead of us in the next month emotionally, but it sounds like it should end well. I'm for sure excited for that. Plus it looked super cool.

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