Believe it or not, the awesome moon we saw in the sky last night, might impact the rest of your week, and your life really.

Science and I never got along in school. I could never memorize science calculations and I missed the day in Psychics when we learned about torque, so I pretty much leave that category of life alone, unless it's related to psychology or astronomy, because that stuff is interesting!

Last night, I was watching the eclipse from my apartment balcony and I was thinking, I feel weird today, I kind of felt weird yesterday too, is there any chance this has to do with the moon?

The eclipse took quite awhile so I used that time to get on my phone and read about how the blood moon may affect your emotions.

I try to remember that this is just an idea of what the moon might make happen and not concrete facts, but, it's easy for me to believe the connection between the moon and life, especially when I read about the three previous eclipses in the last two years and connect those dates with things that occurred in my life. Weird. All the weird.

I read all about this from Mystic Mamma, The Mind Unleashed and Collective Evolution  Here are what I'll call the radio cliff notes.

  • This eclipse was very powerful that your sleep and energy patterns might have been affected this weekend.
  • Lunar eclipses are so strong they make people emotionally explode. Also physically... there are a lot of car crashes and babies born during lunar eclipses.
  • The three other eclipses in the last two years were on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014 and April 4, 2015.
  • Lunar eclipses have been thought to signify life changes, new beginnings and letting go to things that have been nagging at you.
  • While the blood moon only lasts a few hours, the environmental "weirdness" can last a few days before and a few days after.
  • Even though this blood moon was the end of the roughly 18 month cycle, you should wait until after October 9 to make any significant changes.

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