In order to fight the horrible things in this world, we first must arm ourselves with information. Knowledge you may need to save someone you love.

What Rockford Parents Need to Know about Child Sex Trafficking

First, just being aware of how bad sex trafficking has gotten in Illinois, is so shocking it will steal your breath. Trauma therapist at Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling Jimmie Getter was recently quoted at, Getter said:

"Rockford is #2 in the state of Illinois for sex trafficking activity, and Illinois is #8 in the United States."

That statistic above is just about adults. The truth is, according to experts, we don't know enough. Even the courts say that the big challenge is raising awareness. Here's a chance to get aware. The sooner we know more the sooner we can better protect defenseless children from being victimized. The traffickers often use flyers like these two below to lure in their victims.

On May 24th, a special workshop is being held that will share information on how much of the trafficking is done, developing better strategies for prevention, enhancement of forensic skills, better AMBER alert policies and more. While this workshop would be beneficial for anyone who wants to aid in helping protect children, those in the following professions are strongly encouraged to attend

  • Law Enforcement
  • Prosecutors
  • Victim Service Providers
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Social Workers

The workshop is being held at Veterans Memorial Hall at 211 N Main St in Rockford. To register, click HERE. Registration deadline is May 18th.

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