I don't want to sound like Jeff Foxworthy or anything but you know you're from Minnesota when you take pride in being crowned as the top state with the worst winters.

We don't like to admit it, but most Minnesotans secretly like to brag about the fact that the bitter cold is what we're known for. If anything, the freezing temps are what gives us character, it's what makes us resilient, tolerant and a little fluffy around the midsection. (it's all that tater tot hot dish)

So, when Thrillist released their winter misery index and Minnesota ranked #1 for how miserable it's winters are, I did a little dance and said to myself, "See, Rockford, Illinois winters aren't that bad."

If fact it could be a lot worse. Thrillist boasts that, "Parts of northern Minnesota see up to 170in of snow in a winter. One hundred seventy inches! It can get down to -60 degrees, a temperature at which frostbite can occur in fewer than five minutes. And so we think that -- despite all appearances -- Minnesota does in fact have the most miserable winter in the United States."

Compared to Minnesota, Illinois', which ranked 13th, winters are rough but not miserable; and what kept it from getting a worse rating was that "most of the time the state’s pretty on-point as far as snow removal goes."

Would you agree? I mean, despite the fact that we're looking temps in the teens this week, this winter has been a breeze; but maybe I just think that because I'm used to a lot worse.

Wisconsinites would agree, they ranked 7th.

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