Much like superheros, Disney princesses are all the rage right now. From classic faves, Snow White and Cinderella to new comers, Moana and Elsa; there isn't one birthday party, sleep over or lazy Sunday afternoon with the kids without them.

Even grown women who still know every world to "Part of Your World" and watch Frozen for a girls weekend (guilty) are living in a world of enchantment with these Disney inspired bikinis; yes Disney princess swimwear is now a thing.

Illinois' favorite Disney princess even got a matching top and bottom; the long; blonde locks are not included.

ABC 7 Chicago shared another fun article from Decluttr where they compiled a bunch of Google data to find out each states favorite Disney princess and Illinois' was Rapunzel.


See the entire map here.

I have to say, I'm a little surprised by these findings; were you?


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