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Want to grab a case of your favorite brews north of the border, it's gonna cost you a few extra bucks...about three bucks more to be specific. WISN You are better off buying your beer in Illinois, and having cash left over for more beer!

With this study that was done, they found that people in Wisconsin pay an average of $18.22 for a Bud or Miller Lite case. That puts Wisconsin at state number "25" at that price.

Illinois for that same case of beer is going to pay $15.20 and that is the CHEAPEST! By the way, super glad for many reasons that I do not live in Alaska...a case of Bud Light will run you close to $32!

It basically comes down to this, Wisconsin is more than willing to pay more to get their beer. Done.

"There’s no single factor that explains the difference but it is a factor of the market, which includes retail competitive intensity, supplier competitive environment, and [substitute] products," - Marty Maloney/MillerCoors 

Wisconsin stores are required to jack up the price a little with their state's "minimum markup law." Which ends up being about 6%, but the Wisconsin folks truly don't care at all. The amount of beer that is sold in Wisconsin is crazy. I'm guessing those Stimmy Checks went straight to the liquor store, north of the border.

This price mark up not only makes beer more expensive in Wisconsin than Illinois...beer in Wisconsin in more expensive than half the freakin' country. Cheers, Wisconsin!

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