An incredibly sad story comes out of O'Hare airport this holiday season. A woman is searching for a camera she lost with photos of her late husband.

Losing something like a camera is so upsetting. For most of us, physically losing the camera isn't the problem, instead it's losing the photos and memories on the camera card.

That's exactly the case for Adisa Zec.

NBC 5 Chicago is reporting that Adisa and her two sons had just buried her husband when they were traveling through O'Hare and she lost her camera.

The article states she was at Gate C28 when the camera was left near some chairs.

The story gets sadder and sadder, the wife was too sick to even attend the funeral service and her son took photos of the memorial for her, and now her son is torn apart over losing the camera.

The family lives in Indianapolis, and are searching everywhere online and calling O'Hare to try to find the camera.

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