Several who've seen this message in the backyard of a home just east of O'hare airport, think it was put there by landscapers from another planet.

If aliens did carve, cut and design this backyard message...

What are the aliens trying to tell us?

Could these extra-terrestrial landscapers be trying to warn us where they will attack next? The message only contains one word,


Beneath that word is a long arrow that points eastward.

Amongst those who believe aliens were at work here, a few are likely thinking it makes sense that a news organization like WGN, with a massive following, would be quick to share the 'message' with millions. Just as these space invaders had hoped. If they had just done the typical alien crop circles, would we even be paying attention?


The truth is out there and WGN's investigative team found it.

The message is in Steve and Christine Stawnyczy's backyard. The message was the work of Steve and one of his sons. The project that began with some graph paper and a sense of humor, had only one purpose,

"so the planes knew they were going the right way."


Mystery solved. It wasn't aliens carving that message into someone lawn to help pilots who'd become disoriented by their passing flying saucers.

Planes are constantly flying over the homes in this neighborhood. Christine said that counting planes flying in and out of O'hare is how her sons learned to count when they were very young.

Next time you're flying east into O'hare, look out your window for the message you hope your pilot is taking to heart.

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

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