Will Miley Cyrus sing at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's upcoming wedding?

Back in January, the former The Voice coach tweeted that she wanted to be the wedding singer at Shelton and Stefani’s upcoming nuptials.

Shelton recently responded to her sweet offer, but revealed that he actually has a different former co-worker in mind for the performance.

"Gwen was showing me that [Miley] even said, 'I promise to be on my best behavior,’" Sheltontold People. "I've known Miley long enough [for her to have to say], 'By the way, I'll be nice when I get here.' So that was nice of her. I don't know what we're going to do, but I still say Adam [Levine] owes me a full-band performance with Maroon 5, mostly because I want it to cost him. I would rather have Miley as a human being."

It seems as though both Stefani and Shelton adore the "Prisoner" singer's talent. Stefani previously praised Cyrus’ NPR Tiny Desk performance:

"Miley is one of the most talented singers I have ever met,” Shelton added. "She drives me crazy because she's a lot like Kelly [Clarkson] in the way that they can burst out with this voice. If I'm going to sing, I have to think about it and go warm up. It's unfair."

Shelton and Stefani announced their engagement in October 2020 after five years of dating.

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