Why have an average donut when you can devour an AWARD-WINNING donut? Obviously you need one (or three) of the Apple Hut's apple cider donuts. 

We're halfway through October, which means we only have a few more weeks to enjoy the apple orchards and pumpkin patches in the Stateline area.

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Almost all of them shut their doors on or a few days after Halloween. With only a few weeks remaining, you better use your apple orchard time wisely and visit the orchard that makes the Stateline's Best Donuts as soon as you can!

Illinois Talk Show Names the Stateline's Best Donut

According to Good Day Stateline viewers (5:30 and 11pm on FOX39), the best donuts in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are waiting for you at The Apple Hut in Beloit.

Lori showed off her perfect cinnamon coated circles last week on the show as she was honored with the title, Stateline's Best.

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When I got the chance to visit Lori at The Apple Hut earlier in October, she told me that the donuts were her dad's recipe and that is was wonderful to continue to donut tradition each fall in his memory.

The Apple Hut took the crown, but there were some other contenders in the race to find the best donuts that you might also want to try this fall.

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Three of the Best Donuts in Illinois and Wisconsin

Edwards Apple Orchard West, RBK Bakery and Sunrise Donut Cafe.

Every donut bite I took on this search was delicious, so you should definitely try them all, too.


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