If you're worried after this Thanksgiving, someone at work might eat your sandwich. You might as well play hooky and go enjoy the moist maker at this Wisconsin coffee shop. 

The TV show Friends was famous for many things, including the epic Thanksgiving episodes they created for ten seasons in a row.

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While the 'moist maker' episode wasn't technically part of a Thanksgiving episode, it is a turkey day memory for most of the TV show's fans. We know how upset Ross was when he found out his boss ate his sandwich with the MOIST MAKER!

Friends has only grown in the years since it went off the air and 90s nostalgia has been so strong in the last few years, it's no surprise that different restaurants and coffee shops have been creating their version of Ross' sandwich each fall.

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One of those restaurants in is Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, 'Cup O' Joe Coffee House.'

This is the fourth year in a row that Cup O' Joe is offering Ross' Sandwich the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 24 from 11am until 1pm.

The key to the sandwich of course is that extra piece of bread in the middle of the sandwich that is fully soaked in gravy. That is the moist maker.

It's funny to think that episode of Friends originally aired 25 years ago and Ross' sandwich is still so popular there are dozens of recipes for it all across the internet.

I also thought it was funny to discover that the episode originally aired on December 10. You know... for everyone who is already digging deep into Christmas, Friends was still celebrating turkey day on 12/10!

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