Did you ever think you'd be able to purchase a smell? That's the future we've been hoping for in 2021. 

I was expecting flying cars by this time in my life, but I'm totally cool that we don't have them yet. What I wasn't expecting is being able to purchase a hotel smell as a gift.

Sure, this isn't really technologically innovative, we probably could've secured a smell like this twenty years ago, but it seems futuristic.

Now I know you're like, ok Michelle, get to it!

I'm talking about Hotel Goodwin in Beloit, Wisconsin. They legit have a signature scent. When you walk in the hotel, you get hit with the slight but confident smell and it honestly is so relaxing.

Here's where the innovation comes in, you can buy the scent in a spray or a candle for yourself or as a gift. How cool is that?

I feel like you should plan some sort of special day for your significant other or best friend or even a mom you know needs a break and gift them the spray or the candle and an overnight stay. Or vice versa, maybe you've been the the hotel and just want to remind someone of the memories, boom scent!


Also, let's face it. Time is ticking if you plan on ordering anything for a gift this holiday season. Just jump in the car and go buy something, but something with meaning, not something boring.

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