Copying what you see in the movies, never a good idea. Especially if you are taking ideas from a Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson flick...theatrical megastars. SG

Wisconsin college student, Luciana Reichel, was charged last month with a felony count of placing foreign objects in edibles. What the hell is that all about? How about pulling a terrible "prank" on your college roommate.

There's a scene in Wedding Crashers, where eye drops were put into water. This was done in real life...the results are not funny.

Brianna Charapata had eye drops put into her water bottle, over and over by her roommate at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh dorm. Brianna started vomiting and having diarrhea, she was tired and out of it for no reason...yikes.

Luciana told another student about the prank, who knew is was deadly wrong and told someone about it.

Cops were called and Luciana admitted to it saying:

“she got the idea from watching the movie ‘The Wedding Crashers’ where an actor in the movie put eye drops in someone’s drink and it made that person sick."

Brilliant. Mom and dad's money to put you through college, well spent! Guess what type of time you have to do in jail if found guilty of this crime, yes crime... 3 1/2 years. You can do some time in jail and then do some extra time in college...idiot.

For the record, Bradley Cooper the actor you drank the eye drops in the the movie also got violently ill.

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