If you've ever walked into a Schnuck's or a Wal-mart, there's a pretty good chance you've seen the cookies above.

With Valentine's Day yesterday, there's an even better chance that you just bought them, either for your child to bring to school or as a treat for yourself...because let's be honest, these cookies are pretty much the best.

Taylor Haugen, a 21-year-old from Wisconsin, would strongly disagree.

According to Buzzfeed, Taylor shared her disdain for the tasty treat on Twitter and an online cookie war ensued.

Well I never. Have you had one of these? They taste like a cake and a cookie had a baby; they're amazing.

Then the war started; with people who'd agree with me. Caution: strong language ahead.

It started to get out of hand, Taylor was even getting death threats.

But don't worry, there are plenty of people out there that have her back.

Whose side are you on?



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