If you're heading up north this summer and looking for something to do, Wisconsin has a few drive-in movie theaters to check out.

Pop Up Urban Drive In Movie Theater Opens In Miami's Wynwood Neighborhood
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Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Old-School Summer Fun

Not many positive things happened in the entertainment world in 2020. We were pretty much left on our own. One trend that made me very happy was the return of the drive-in movie theater. I've got great memories of going as a kid.

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Drive-In Movie Theaters Near Us

We're very lucky to have a few different drive-in movie theater options near us here in Rockford. You've got McHenry, Dixon, and Earlville in Illinois. Plus, there's the one in Monroe, Wisconsin. I think most people in our area know about those. For more info, HERE.

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Did you Know There Were A Few Drive-In Movie Theaters In Wisconsin?

Besides the Sky Vu drive-in movie theater in Monroe, I had no idea that Wisconsin had a few more. That's good to know since many Rockford residents travel up there every summer. Now, you have a fun family night time activity.

Big Sky Twin Drive-In Theater in the Wisconsin Dells for more info, HERE.

Chilton Twilight Outdoor Theater in Chilton for more info, HERE.

Field of Scenes Outdoor Theater in Freedom for more info, HERE.

Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre in Jefferson for more info, HERE.

The Milky Way Drive-In in Franklin for more info, HERE.

Skyway Drive-In Theater in Fish Creek for more info, HERE.

Stardust Drive-In Movie Theater in Chetek for more info, HERE.

Starlite 14 Drive-In in Richland Center for more info, HERE.

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