One of the things I always encouraged my son to do while he was in high school was to get involved; and I'm not just talking about playing sports and going to dances. I mean really get hands-on involved.

Don't just go to the dance, help organize it. Find a need that your school has and help them fulfill it. If a school club needs additional funding for supplies, competitions or trips, help them raise it. Show your teachers, peers, and friends that you care about them and the things that matter to them the most.

It was very rewarding to watch him achieve all those things through his DECA program, and now that he's in college, he can take all those skills that he gained while in high school and apply them to the real world.

Which is exactly what I'm hoping these Boylan students will do with all the attention they've been receiving over their controversial 21-page dress code rule book for prom.

It sounds like some of them are off to a good start. According to the Rockford Register Star, some students have decided to throw an alternative prom where students can wear whatever style dress they want and "have the best prom that they can imagine."

They're calling it Boylan Morp (that's prom spelled backwards if you didn't get it) and they've started a Twitter account and a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising enough money for a venue and a DJ.

These kids are only asking for $2500 and as of March 13th, they are just $325 away from reaching their goal.

I'm not sure what kind of prom you can throw on that kind of money but I can only assume that they plan on throwing one heck of a party and to be honest, I'd like to be there to see it be a big success.

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