Think about an average Saturday or Sunday morning at your house. If you're like a lot of American families there's a good chance that you finally have some time to sit down with the family and enjoy a nice; big breakfast together. Well, it was nice until you realized that you had all these dishes to do. Even having a dishwasher doesn't help the fact that you just used four different frying pans, in addition to a the griddle and all those plates and silverware.

At least that's how it is at my place. It takes three different frying pans to make the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns and a mess. But, not anymore. Thanks to the Master Pan you can now cook an entire breakfast in one pan. This 15", non-stick invention is perfect for small kitchens, eliminates the mess, simplifies clean up and will let you cook up to five things.

This officially has to be the most useful tool in the kitchen, like if I had known about this three weeks ago, it would've been on my Christmas wish list.

What would your perfect breakfast look like in the Master Pan? Mine would be bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes and French toast. Mmmmmmmm.