If you're into being spooked, this might be the hotel for you.

I can't even handle the stink bugs in Rockford this Fall, let alone spend the night in the most haunted place in Illinois, but I know there are some major thrill seekers out there.

One of them, the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, was just named the most haunted place in Illinois by Travel + Leisure.

Why the Congress?

According to the magazine's website, the Congress Plaza Hotel is the home of Al Capone's ghost.

Yep. It's believed that the famous mobster's ghost haunts the hotel regularly, spending most of that haunted time near the 8th floor, where his suite was located.

He's not the only ghost roaming the halls, T+L also reports the ghosts of victims of 'America's first serial killer,' Dr. H. H. Homes hang out at the Congress, too.

I'll be staying far, far away from the Congress, but I bet it's pretty fun to stay there around Halloween.

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