He's not seen very often wandering around Illinois.

You don't see him at Chicago sporting events, or concerts, or really anything for that matter.

So while Harrison Ford might be Illinois' Richest Celebrity according to MSN, is he really a true Illinois guy?


I actually graduated from the same high school as Harrison Ford, Maine East Township High School in Park Ridge, so I was already aware of his Illinois-ness.

However, Ford doesn't live anywhere close to Illinois these days.

Harrison Ford lives a quiet life in this beautiful white home he built out in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - a celeb favorite for vacationing.

So while it seems he's living the nice and "quiet life" in Wyoming, he's still considered the richest celebrity from Illinois, well, because he was born here.

Ford’s acting earnings have helped him to net a fortune worth $230 million.

He ranks 6th among leading actors all-time with his movies pulling over $4 billion at the box office according to Box Office Mojo.

The leading actor with the biggest domestic box office pull off all-time? "Hold on to your butts," it's Samuel L. Jackson.

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