There's nothing worse than figuring out your favorite fast food restaurant didn't give you what you ordered.

Then there's that slight moment of panic, do you turn around and demand the right food or do you just live with the mistake?

I'm glad to report that it doesn't happen all that often according to a new study. However, there is one place where screwing up seems to happen all too often.

The Take Out says "the average chain fulfills drive-thru orders with just shy of 90 percent accuracy" and only one shows up below that number, like, much much lower.

KFC fills orders accurately only 69.9% of the time. If you go to KFC 4 times a week, there's a very good chance they messed up your order at least once, maybe twice.

That should be enough to say thank you more than once in the drive-thru. Once for receiving the food and then again after realizing everything is in the bag.

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