Are you ready to live inside your nightmares? This Hallowee you can do just that in downtown Rockford, but this is your last weekend to experience it.

A few weeks ago I was walking around on Madison street, I think I might have been walking to or from Food Truck Tuesdays, when I saw something I hadn't seen before, a mural on the side of the building, with let's face it... creepy vibes.

A few weeks later I was walking by again and saw someone testing out a visual component to the mural... and finally on social media, a few weeks after that, I realized I basically saw the process of Somnium: The Book of Dreams and Nightmares being created.

Somnium is described by team behind the nightmare as:

the psychedelic invention of Domincan-based visual artist, Eddaviel Montero, and Rockford-based artist, Emily Klonicki, combines traditional public mural art with new media, music, animation, and dance into a three-dimensional performative production that transforms the way the public interacts with and experiences community and public arts.'


Pretty impressive right?

You can find the visual art experience at 715 N. Madison Street, but not for long. This is the FINAL weekend to enjoy it all on Friday and Saturday Oct 14 and 15: 7:30 and 9:00 p.m.

You can get your tickets here.


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