What's your favorite museum in Illinois? I have a feeling you love the Shed Aquarium and the Field Museum. Somehow, they did not end up on this list of Illinois Museums. 

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs meant that every few months, we would get the chance to take a trip to Chicago and visit one of the incredible museums the city had to offer.

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Maybe it was every few years, but those memories are so strong in my mind that it seemed like we were packing up in the school bus to head East all of the time.

The Field Museum was by far the most popular destination for school field trips, which is why I'm very surprised that museum is not on this list of Illinois' Most Searched Museums.

So weird right?

The list was sent to me by AirportParkingReservations.com, and it was created by how often Illinois museums are searched online. Maybe everyone just knows the Field Museum details? They don't need to search them?

But why isn't the Shedd Aquarium on this list? That's also very strange.

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The museums that did make the list are below. Have you even heard of all of these?

Illinois' Most Searched Museums

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago
  2. Museum of Science and Industry
  3. Adler Planetarium
  4. Chicago History Museum
  5. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
  6. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
  7. National Museum of Mexican Art
  8. Peoria Riverfront Museum
  9. Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  10. Illinois State Museum

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