Are you ready for an epic concert with some football on the side? We are.

It's time again for our annual unofficial Big Game Halftime Drinking Game!

For years I've been working on these drinking game scenarios for the biggest football game of all, and this year's drinking rules might be the most difficult to predict... there are so many performers!

As always, you play with your cocktail of choice! Or maybe some lemonade, or water or even do jumping jacks or squats instead of taking a drink, you do you.

Michelle's Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige Halftime Drinking Game

Take one drink...

  • if the star-studded performance starts with 'California Love'
  • if Dr. Dre is the first performer to sing
  • if Eminem has darker hair than you expected
  • if Mary J. Blige has a fur coat on
  • if Snoop also has a fur coat on

Take two drinks...

  • if at least two performers have sunglasses on
  • if (and when) you hear 'the Next Episode'
  • if someone at your party asks who Kendrick Lamar is
  • if your dad says he thought Eminem was spelled M&M

Finish your drink...

  • if Megan Thee Stallion joins the performance
  • if all five performers sing a song together
  • if a swear or two slip through the 'bleep' cracks

Finish all the drinks at your party if...

  • if someone at your party vomits during 'Lose Yourself'
  • if Martha Stewart is in the crowd cheering on her bestie
  • if you're drinking Gin and Juice
  • if you don't want to wake up Monday morning

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