Fred VanVleet helped the Toronto Raptors win another NBA Finals game last night, but your broadcast may have been in Spanish.

So I'm watching the NBA Finals and the pre-game was in English.

The interviews with the coaches and the players were in English.

The commercials... also in English.

But the play-by-play commentary well that was in Spanish.

I thought I was going crazy or that I clicked something weird on my TV, but nope, for once in my technological life, this had nothing to do with what I was doing.

It was all something going on with Comcast.

Turns out, Comcast boxes freak out sometimes and turn on the secondary Spanish audio.

Seemingly for no reason at all.

But I'm not the only one who experienced this. My google research shows this has been going on forever!

And my sister texted me last night and one of her Facebook friends in Batavia said Comcast was airing the Cubs game in Spanish last nigh too.

At least it's easy to follow basketball no matter what language you're watching in!

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