Because who just eats one bagel at a time?

Oh, wait, most people actually do just eat one bagel at a time. I think this is why I never let myself eat bagels...

The ten best bagel places in Illinois have been named and one of those top ten (number six to be exact) is just a short trip away to DeKalb.

Barb City Bagels is on 1st street in DeKalb and bakes almost every bagel variation you can think up.

Seriously. Asiago, blueberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin, everything, garlic, Hawaiian, jalapeno cheddar, multi-grain, onion, plain, poppy, salt, sesame, sourdough, sun-dried tomato and whole wheat.

Side note: what is a salt bagel and can I get it delivered to Rockford right now?

They also have 15 different cream cheese options, pizza bagels, breakfast bagel sandwiches, and a slew of other bagel sandwiches that will make you wonder why you're never though to put your chicken Caesar salad on a bagel.

I think I'm making that for dinner.

Plus, my goodness, they have salted caramel hot chocolate? That's it. I'm going there for an entire day.

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