Are you watching Illinois' 'most popular' TV show? I've never heard of it!

Every once in a while (sometimes more often), there are lists made that feature the most popular tv shows or movies in each state.

And whenever I read them, I'm like 'wait what?'

This is another example of that.

I just got this email sent to me from with the subject line: "New Study: America's Most Popular TV Shows in 2023.'

Of course I opened the email and I was so confused because I've never heard of this show!

According to the study, the top show is 'Kaleidoscope.'

Have you ever heard about it?

The show is considered the most popular in Illinois and 19 other states, followed by Emily in Paris (which I have heard of), Tulsa King, Alice in Borderland, Wednesday and The Last of Us.

Haven't heard of any of the rest except for Wednesday.

If you're wondering, Kaleidoscope is available on Netflix and it's described as:

A master theif and his crew attempt an epic and elaborate heist worth $7 billion dollars - but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans.

It's brand new and I wonder if that's how the show tops this 'new study.'

What do you think? Will you watch it?

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