November is the month of Thanksgiving. Will you be taking some time to fill your Gratitude Walk with something special?

Just before Halloween, I met a woman who told me about a walk she takes everyday that she referred to as a Gratitude Walk. While I understood the basic principle of the walk, I wondered if there was anything deeper I should know. I didn't have much time to dig deeper with the woman who shared the concept with me but she left me very curious. And what do you do when you are curious about something? You google it.

I'll save you some of the work and send you to my search by clicking here.

Here are some of the things that excited me most about starting my own Gratitude Walk.

From Huffington Post:

Fundamentally, it’s the combination of two mood-boosting stress-busting life-affirming tools being used together - walking and expressing gratitude simultaneously. Walking itself solves problems, boosts well-being and reduces stress. Similarly, gratitude echoes those qualities. Gratitude heals, destresses, and elevates you towards your goals. Together - walking and gratitude are powerful combination.


Start thinking about what you have in comparison to the rest of the world. How many people would kill to be in your shoes?

I do find myself feeling like things are horrible from time to time, and while overall I'm very happy with the state of things in my life, sometimes I feel kind of blue. That's what going through a divorce will do.

So here are all of the things I am giving thanks for to start my Gratitude Walks.

  • My daughter. The fact that I was picked to be the father of this amazing, smart, beautiful, caring, sensitive, joyful girl amazes me every day. I am so honored that I get to be the one who raises her, loves her, and molds her into the strong, smart, kind human being that I know she will be one day.
  • My job. Getting to wake up with Rockford for the last 21 years has been truly a gift. I get paid to do something that I love, and I know not everyone gets to say that.
  • All of you. The people who read our blogs, our listeners, our fans. Without you and your dedication and support, I would not be able to do this job that I love so much.
  • Our country. This awesome place that we call home. A country where we are free, where we are safe, where we are able to stand up for what we believe in, where we are able to have our differences but still come together. I feel so blessed to live here while many other people around the world are suffering and have little or no rights as a human being.
  • My health. I have taken this for granted in the past, and I am thankful I do not do this anymore. I have a fully functioning body and I am able to live life to the fullest every day.
  • Forgiveness. I am not perfect, I have made many mistakes. I am thankful that forgiveness is possible and everflowing.
  • My church. I have been going to Rockford First for a few months now and it has really inspired be to be a better human.
  • My friends. There are too many of you to name. I am so thankful for all of you who love me, inspire me, help me, and guide me through life.
  • Modern technology. I love all things electronic. I can't imagine what our world would be like without them.
  • Music. Music is my life, as you all know. All kinds, every day. I would starve without it.

What are you thankful for? Think about that today. There is always something.