Carving pumpkins is something that takes way more skill than people realize. You can have this awesome design, you can have all the right tools, but not matter how prepared you are, it's hard to have a completely successful pumpkin carve.

So when I see people creating ART with their pumpkins, I'm SO impressed. Unity Hospice knows how popular pumpkin carving is this time of year, so they created a contest. According to WREX -

Pumpkins and carving tools were delivered to people at its hospice locations in northern Illinois. There are prizes for the top three pumpkins, as determined by your votes. You can vote for up to three pumpkins every day until the contest ends.

And there's some amazing pumpkins on the list from the Stateline. Here's some of the pumpkins you can vote on in the contest -

From Northwoods Care Center in Belvidere 


From Heritage Woods in Freeport 


From Cherryvale Place in Rockford 


Credit UnityHospice

From Saint Anne Center in Rockford 

Credit Unity Hospice

There's A TON more from all over Northern Illinois that are waiting for your vote. Voting ends Monday and you can vote for your favorite HERE. 

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