Gone, but definitely not forgotten. Which of these ten Rockford restaurants was your favorite?

While I didn't just move to Rockford yesterday, I have only been in the area for five years so I'm not familiar with all the great restaurants on this list, but I have a feeling you are!

We asked on Facebook, what 'What old Rockford restaurant do you miss the most???'

And well... you guys miss a lot of restaurants!

In less than an hour we heard from over two hundred of you, so of course we had to read them all and give you a 'top ten' from your answers.

Does this top ten make your tastebuds water?

10 Restaurants Rockford Residents Miss the Most

  1. Maria's
  2. Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar
  3. Ryan's Family Steakhouse
  4. Caffe Greco
  5. Bishop's Buffet
  6. Rocky Rococo's
  7. Shakey's Pizza
  8. Cheddar's
  9. Top Hat
  10. Diamond Dave's

Of all the comments, Maria's was the 'most missed,' and I know first hand that Sweet Lenny was really sad to see it close up in 2013.

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