If you want to get the best deal on something, it's probably on Amazon. But did you know there are even more ways to make the most out of Amazon? According to Insider, here are 10 ways to get the most out of your Amazon shopping.

1. Check the Amazon Warehouse before you make a big purchase - The Amazon Warehouse is a great place to find significant deals on close-out sales, open-box discounts, and marked-down returned or refurbished products.

2. Amazon Outlet is another place to find discounted products - Amazon Outlet is similar to the warehouse except that it has significantly more items and categories.

3. Use the Paribus app to get refunds on late shipments-  If you ordered something using the two-day guaranteed Prime shipping and the item does not arrive in two days, you can report it to Amazon who will typically offer you some kind of discount or credit.

4. No-rush shipping usually comes with discounts and freebies- If you're a Prime member and don't need your items in the promised two-day window, opt for Amazon Prime's free no-rush shipping option instead, Amazon will offer a random incentive.

5. Trade in your old electronic devices and books for credit.

6. Always check the coupon page before you shop.

7. The Amazon credit card has a great cash back option for those who are fine with getting Amazon credit instead of cash.

8. Utilize the Subscribe & Save function when buying household items.

9. Don't forget to check for daily deals.

10. Enter giveaways for free stuff.

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