You meet someone, you fall in 'like,' and then you realize... 'oh... they're from Rockford.'

Rockford, Illinois is a special place. You know that, I know that, we all know it. It's a city, it's a small town, it's neither, it's both... and Rockfordians are one a kind.

I'm not technically a Rockfordian, but I have been out here for a decade so I suppose you could say at this point, Rockford has left it's mark on me.

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Which is why I'm not the one who made this list of '10 Ways You Know You're Dating Someone from Rockford,' you REAL Rockfordians made this list on the 97ZOK Facebook page. I merely just typed it all up in this story for you.

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Without further ado, here's what you had to say when we asked you to finish the sentence, 'you know you’re dating someone from Rockford if _________.'

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10 Ways You Know You're Dating Someone From Rockford

  1. Liz - 'They ask you where you went to high school.'
  2. Sharon - 'They take you to Lino's. #SerialFirstDateSpot'
  3. Steve - 'They went sledding at Page Park.'
  4. Guadalupe - 'They got a crazy ex... when they're the crazy ex.'
  5. Tyler - 'They're on Rockford mugshots.'
  6. Aracely - 'They take you to Pino's'
  7. Jason - 'They want beef a roo'
  8. ShaneNA - 'When they say they're taking you to the office and it's not their workplace.'
  9. Crystal - 'They run stop lights!'
  10. Shaun - 'There are too many things to list.'

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