When it comes to finding love, our cell phones offer infinite potential. In a world filled with online dating, everyone has their preferences. Some, obviously, are better than others. But where does Illinois land when it comes to a preferred online dating platform?

Before 2012, if you wanted to date someone you either had to meet them in real life, or spend a significant amount of time (and potentially money) to sign up for a dating website where you created a big, long profile and were matched with potential dates by the team behind the site.

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Then, Tinder showed up in the app store and the dating world has never been the same.

Seriously though, do you even remember before we had Tinder?


And for a while, it was just Tinder. But now it's Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Grindr, OkCupid, Zoosk, and SO many more. But which one is the best? Who knows. Which one is the most popular? That's a no brainer.

I'm surprised there's even a study about the most popular dating app, like did we need to spend time 'researching' this? The OG takes the cake across the country.

What's the Number One Dating App in America?

The number one dating app in America and here in Illinois is Tinder.

This latest study comes from No Deposit Bonus Guide, an online gambling website. They analyzed Google search data to come up with the most popular dating apps in the country and the ones we want to delete the most.

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Which brings us to the second title Tinder holds: the dating app we hate the most.

Ask (almost) anyone who's ever downloaded it in the past 12 years. The app makes you feel gross, it's like a dating fast food restaurant that makes you feel bad once you've visited a few times, which is why these stats show that Tinder also has the most searches for how to delete the app.

Tip: delete the app just like you delete all of your other apps BUT delete your profile first!

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