The 59th Grammy Awards are in the books and what a show it was. Two of the shortest people in the room won the night in my opinion.

13 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching the Grammy's
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Here are the 13 thoughts that went through my mind while I watched:


2. Can we not do the live mash up performances again please. That Lukas Graham/Kelsea Ballirini thing was awful

3. No... Twenty One Pilots did not just take their pants off.

4. Hey Beyonce, what is going on here? I think I'm going to watch The Walking Dead now.

5. Holy crap Ed Sheeran is so talented. Why have I not gone to one of your concerts? I'm not missing the next opportunity

6. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between country music and pop music. Thanks for that Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

7. Since the release of I Feel It Coming, we've been saying how much it sounds like Michael Jackson. Apparently we're not alone. He was just introduced my Michael's daughter Paris.

8. WINNER! Beyonce's daughter saved the 'Carpool Cardboard Karaoke' segment. Have none of those people ever been to a wedding and sang Sweet Caroline? None of them new the words until the chorus. The commercial for this James Corden bit coming to Apple Music was fantastic.

9. The commercials during the Grammys are way better than during the Super Bowl

10. I think my sister might have a thing for Gary Clark Jr.

13 Random Thoughts I Had While Watching the Grammy's

11. Alicia Keys hair is actually bigger than Maren Morris.

12. Thank you for extended shot of Lady Gaga's butt during the Metallica guitar solo.

13. WINNER! Bruno Mars is the new King of Pop, that Prince tribute was unreal! And his new song is sooooooo good.

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