As I sat through another long Oscar night, these are the things that ran through my head when I was paying attention and not watching The Walking Dead.

1. After Justin Timberlake's opening performance, I texted our resident 'award show tweeter' Midday Michelle.

13 Thoughts I Had While Watching 2017 Oscars

While sending a reply to Michelle's last comment, I noticed something sitting next to Ryan Gosling.

13 Thoughts I Had While Watching 2017 Oscars

Turns out that wasn't his mom, but it was someone close to him.

2. I liked Jimmy Kimmel's idea to unite this country. If every person watching took a minute to reach out to someone they disagree with and have a positive and considerate conversation, we COULD make America great again.

3. Denzel Washington is the actor whose movies I don't miss.

4. Everybody loves Meryl Streep and her reaction to Kimmel's jokes is part of the reason why. 20 Oscar nominations is incredible. She's on a lot of people's 'actor whose movies I don't miss' list I bet.

5. Mahershala Ali turning around to embrace Jeff Bridges on his way to give his acceptance speech says a lot about his character.

6. That Cadillac commercial. Surprising how a short commercial can remind you how great America already is.

7. Nice blue velvet jacket Dwayne Johnson. Loved Moana but this performance made me look at the clock and I realized that I was missing The Walking Dead. I'll see you in an hour Oscars 2017.

8. Viola Davis. Damn right!

9. What the heck is that Will Smith movie coming to Netflix? It looks weird.

10. Leslie Mann has always made me laugh.

11. My gosh it's late, is this thing ever going to end.

12. That's it, I'm going to bed. I'll watch the rest before I head into the radio station.

13. (Monday morning at 3:00 a.m.) What the f---! Nice finish. Wow. Warren Beatty looks a bit like a grandpa that doesn't know where he is or what he's doing. However Warren, nice job falling on the grenade.


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