If Disney can have its own Disney Store, why can't Netflix do it?

If Disney can create itself an amusement park, why can't Netflix do it?

Someone higher up at Netflix had to have asked those two questions at some point in the past few years.

Now, it appears that someone at Netflix is trying to make both of those a reality. They are going to turn empty store space into an "experiential complex" dubbed Netflix Houses.

The Rise of Netflix Houses: Transforming Empty Space

Both locations, one at the Dallas Galleria in Texas and the other at the King of Prussia Mall just outside of Philadelphia, will use the vacated space to turn their streaming service into a 100,000-square-foot theme park.

The Power of Pop-Up Success: Why This Could Work

This concept has the potential to work as long as Netflix continues producing hit TV shows and movies.

When visiting Paris, I saw firsthand the popularity of a Stranger Things pop-up store.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic

This experience highlighted the incredible marketing and branding opportunities that physical spaces could provide for Netflix.

Endless Possibilities: A Look at Immersive Experiences

The possibilities are endless on a large scale, with experiences surrounding their other well-known properties, like Bridgerton, Cobra Kai, or Squid Game.

ABC 7 in Chicago reports, "For fans of its 'Squid Game' dark drama and related reality show, for example, Netflix promises to recreate the program's Glass Bridge challenge. Competitors walk or jump across clear panels that shatter—and drop—if they stand on the wrong one."

A Spark for Malls? The Potential Impact of Expansion

If these two Netflix Houses worked in Dallas and Philadelphia, what would stop them from expanding to other malls and shopping centers across America?

Hopefully, nothing. I could see this being the catalyst that saved the American Mall.

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