Allergies - I HATE YOU.

I'm that person who is constantly sniffing, sneezing, blowing my nose, etc. basically year round. I have a ton of indoor AND outdoor allergies, but the time of year they're the worst is definitely spring. It's even more annoying this year because every allergy symptom I have in public people look at me all scared because they think it could be COVID-19. But it's just my awful allergies.

So when it comes to treating my allergies, I do EVERYTHING I can. Of course I take a daily allergy pill. However, I also change how I eat when I have allergies. There's certain foods that are immunity boosting that can actually help with allergies.

It's also not a bad idea to eat this foods to help fight the chance of you catching COVID. I know at the start of the pandemic I really tried to incorporate these foods into my diet. Better safe than sorry. So, here's what you can add to the list for your next grocery store run -

15 Immunity Boosting Foods To Help Fight Allergies

If your daily allergy pill needs some back up, here's a great list.

It's a great list of foods to keep handy to help fight your allergies, or just to give yourself an extra immune boost. Sure daily allergy pills are great, and for me, they're life savers. But it doesn't hurt at all to help your body fight allergies naturally by feeding it the food it needs to build a strong immune system.


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