Nope, it wasn't your grandma commenting on your single life, it was actually an advertisement from the 1920s.

Plenty of women out there can relate to the phrase... me included... 'always a bridesmaid, never a bride.'

We use it to refer to single women who are constantly standing up in their friends weddings, but haven't gotten married.

I'm currently working on my collection of dresses, I picked up bridesmaid dress number nine yesterday.

But, get this, the first time anyone said or saw the phrase was in an ad for Listerine in the 1920s.

Basically, Listerine said Eleanor was still single because she had bad breath.

Mom, grandma, everyone else who's ever asked me whey I'm not married, I promise it's not my breath.

Poor Eleanor. Poor people in the 1920s who had to deal with ads like that.

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