First of all, if you're a Wisconsinite, donut shoot the messenger.

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Wisconsin is known for dairy and fireworks, right? If you live in Illinois this is certain. Also, add Spotted Cow to the list of "Things To Go To Wisconsin For" when you're headed up north.


Truth be told, Wisconsin is a beautiful state with a lot to offer except for one thing. Donuts.


If you're in Wisconsin reading this and you're fuming mad and about to flip tables, allow me to explain.

This little factoid is not in regards to the quality of donuts available in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it's the quantity.


Apparently, according to a news report in Madison, conducted this study. (I didn't know they were donut experts.)

This study involved the 150 biggest cities in the United States. took the 150 largest cities in America and determined how many doughnut shops there were per capita and per square mile as well as the number of them compared to other businesses in the city.

Milwaukee and Madison didn't do so hot. Chicago though, the windy city narrowly missed making it into the top 10.



Here is how the list was determined: city population, donuts per business, donuts per sq. mile, donuts per capita.

Madison, which has 259,000+ residents, came in at #8 on the "bad" list.

Milwaukee, which has nearly 600,000 residents, bottomed out at #10.

8Madison, Wisconsin259,680145125141
9Minneapolis, Minnesota429,60614896146
10Milwaukee, Wisconsin590,157143103142

You can find the entire list here (but no donuts, sorry.)

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