I couldn't be happier that I finally took my friends' advice and got caught up with NBC's new hit show This Is Us. What an incredibly well-written show.

25 Thoughts I Had While Binge-Watching NBC's 'This Is Us'
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Before I started watching, the one thing most people told me was that this show was quite a tear-jerker. They also said that I would get hooked on it quickly.They were right on both accounts.

I quickly watched every episode that already aired and fell deeply in love with the show. These are the 20 thoughts that raced through my mind while binge-watching This Is Us.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Don't read this list if you haven't started watching yet

  1. Can anyone watch this show without crying?
  2. They did a really good job of making Mandy Moore look old.
  3. Why would anyone pregnant or with a new baby get an apartment on the 6th floor with no elevator?
  4. Annie has got to be the cutest little girl I have ever seen.
  5. Plot twist. William is gay. Didn't see that one coming.
  6. For me personally, it's going to hurt like hell when William dies.
  7. Do doctors like Dr. Katowski even exist anymore?
  8. I want Jack and Rebecca to be my parents.
  9. Admitting you made a mistake to your kids can really go a long way toward building a great relationship
  10. I really would like to get a better look at the car Randall paid for with $143,000 cash.
  11. Beth's passive aggressive humor is hilarious.
  12. There really isn't a way to make weather commodities trading sound fun (except getting to do #10)
  13. The only Sloane was Dr. Sloane on Greys Anatomy... pick a different name.
  14. How did they not do a C-section from the get go with triplets? C-sections did exist in 1980, correct?
  15. Someone needs to slap that skinny girl in the overeaters anonymous club. Really?
  16. Hey young Kevin... stop being such a jerk to your brother. Not cool man.
  17. What on earth happened to Jack? How long are they gonna make us wait to find out?
  18. Next campfire I'm totally making hotdogs rolled in crackers wrapped in a slice of Singles brand cheese.
  19. Seriously, how do I watch this show without crying?
  20. That's it, now I love the show, it better not get canceled after one season

Fantastic news, the show just got picked up for seasons 2 and 3.

If you aren't watching this show, start now. The tears aren't all from sadness. This show will also make you feel so good, you'll cry from the triumphs.

Way to go NBC, this show is incredible. Great TV.

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