During his recent appearance on The Steve Shannon Show, the actor who plays 'Toby' on NBC's This Is Us delivered all the news we most wanted to hear.

Chris Sullivan, the actor who plays 'Toby' on NBC's This Is Us, jumped on the phone with 97ZOK's Steve Shannon Show to talk about the show's final season

This Is Us: The Final Chapter

While we wait out the show's hiatus due to Winter Olympics coverage, Chris filled us in on all things This Is Us... and he shared a little something extra.

Listen to the conversation below.

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It's very easy to love this show as it is incredibly relatable. And that is the reason so many of us find ourselves ugly crying on our couch.

Not much of that kind of crying has happened so far during the final season. Chris warned us that they are building it up for big ugly cry fest that is coming soon.

I asked when this show ends it's run if we will be left with unanswered questions and mysteries unsolved, and his answer was "absolutely not."

He spoke of the beauty of being able to end the show telling the story they wanted to, on their own terms. He said we needn't worry about being left hanging in a bad place with the Pearson family story.

I also wanted to address a rumor I heard about some commercial voiceover work he'd done several years back. Chris was the voice of an animal in the hilarious TV ad. It was incredibly popular and quoted by millions, especially on Wednesdays.

Listen to Chris Sullivan on The Steve Shannon Show below

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