Isn't it wonderful living in the Midwest in January?

This morning sucked. I know you know because your morning sucked too. It's Monday, you still probably had to go to work even though it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we are having an ice storm. Not just an icy day... an ice storm.

On a different day, the ice storm might've prohibited me from going to the gym, but it's Monday and I can't skip the gym Monday morning or else it'll end up being National Donut Week and I'll dive into a box of Munchkins.

So I went to the gym. It was icy but manageable and because of the ice, I got the best parking space I've ever gotten. Thanks, ice.

I must revoke that thank you though because the trip home from the gym was blah-tastic.

FYI I live two minutes from the gym. Seriously, half a song on ZOK, so I'm driving along, being careful, slipping a tiny bit but I made it into my subdivision, yay!

Almost yay. I got stuck adjacent to my apartment's driveway going the wrong way for twenty minutes.

These were my thoughts:

  1. This has happened before, I'll be fine, just let me try to reverse, then go forward.
  2. I'm already in reverse? How did that happen.
  3. There's a car behind me. Make that two cars, one that is parked and one with a man waving me to turn right out of the subdivision.
  4. I'm sorry sir, I'm trying to get into my apartment, not leave, do you see the sweat? I must take a shower.
  5. It's raining harder.
  6. I've been here for six minutes now and I can see the ice doubling. Am I going to freeze my car in this position?
  7. Guy is still waving me to move. I have my hazards on, sir, that is the only thing I know I'm supposed to do right now.
  8. Time to call my dad.
  9. OMG time to hang up with my dad... he may not talk to me for three days after that.
  10. Am I supposed to call someone to help me? Like an ice truck?
  11. By that I meant, a salt truck. Why is it so hard for me to remember you pour salt on ice?
  12. The guy in the other car found a bag of salt! Will he save me?
  13. Why is my car moving... I am in park...
  14. Salt guy is salting my area! Thank you possible neighbor.
  15. Oh dear God, he is telling me I need to back into the garage. I can't even do that in the sunlight.
  16. Am I not supposed to go to work in weather like this? Can I call in "ice?" No, Michelle, you're on the radio, then someone else has to drive in this...maybe they can send a car to come pick me up... an ambulance? A fire truck? A police car? What's the protocol?
  18. OMG the salt guy fell. "Are you ok, sir?" Will I be calling 9-1-1 now?
  19. Phew, he is ok. He fell again. OMG. He is still ok.
  20. So, my car is not leaving this garage today... why do I own this teeny tiny car?

Thankfully my roommate was able to drive me to work and a salt truck finally came around 8:25, and the salt guy safely got on with his day.

Obviously I was too consumed with my ice freak out to take any photos, my throat still hurts from screaming at my car... but my mom sent me this photo from her driveway. Yeah, that car slipped down the driveway all by itself.


Also, would someone mind tell me what I am supposed to do next time I'm in this situation?

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