Any Monday is rough, but the Monday after a huge snowstorm is even worse! To help rid your Monday blues, take a look at this list of dad thoughts.

I spent most of last week on vacation with my parents, which was mostly good. I could do without some of the snoring... and the pacing... but that's another story. This story is about the dad thoughts I heard while traveling with my dad.

This list is just the few I managed to tweet in the moment, but oh man, there were so many more.

Yes, dad, that's why it's called a selfie...

Correct.. endorphins are not a female thing.

To be fair, he had shorts on but I couldn't miss this opportunity.

Because apparently you're not allowed to send texts letting your dad know you left the bar on vacation...

That's why they call it the mannequin challenge.

Maybe he was spending too much time with me, because I say that all the time!

Last but not least... from a true Type-A personality:

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