These might be your grandma's favorite cookies, or your mom's in my case.

My mom is not a baker. She is a great quilter, she's really good at cleaning the counters and she's good at telling me I'm not good at cleaning the counters or at sewing slow enough.

Maybe that's why I am a baker and I stay far away from the sewing machine and her kitchen counters...

One thing she does like to bake though, are these checkerboard cookies. Growing up on Christmas I only remember ever having three cookies, these, our "famous" sugar cookies and our amazing fudge. Both of those other recipes are coming soon, but today is all about the checkerboard cookies.

My dad loves these, so yours probably will too. These are perfect for the weekend, so stop by the store on your way home from work today and get started.

Michelle, Townsquare Media


Michelle, Townsquare Media