'Beauty and the Beast' won at the box office this weekend, but is it as good as the original?

I've been excited to see the live action 'Beauty and the Beast,' since I heard it was happening. It's my absolute favorite Disney movie (Sorry Ariel, you're my second) and every preview and tease I saw for the movie sucked me in.

But I was concerned.

While Emma Watson is a great actress... is she really Belle? What about the songs, will they be as magical watching as an almost 30-year-old as they were to a 5-year-old?

The answer to all of this is yes and no.

Here's why.

34 Thoughts I Had While Watching 'Beauty and the Beast'

  1. How old is the beast when he gets turned into a beast? He sure looks old in that opening scene.
  2. How will the rest of the theater feel if I sing along to 'Belle?' It's my favorite song...
  3. No! Don't add a song for Belle's dad to sing? We don't need that.
  4. Yep, I'm seriously afraid of these wolves.
  5. Lumiere and Cogsworth are SO gold.
  6. I don't think I'm ready for the real life beast.
  7. What is the deal with Belle wanting her dad to bring her back a rose, that's not part of the original movie, is it?
  8. That is not how Belle and her dad switched places as the Beast's prisoner.
  9. The feather duster is a bird? I thought she was a giant broom?
  10. LeFou is the best.
  11. No 'swell cleft' or 'every last inch of me's covered with hair' in the Gaston song???? Why would you take this out???
  12. I really want a magical rose.
  13. Belle during 'Be Our Guest,' is the first time I've accepted Emma Watson as Belle.
  14. Lumiere should be a Monopoly piece.
  15. Can we clap after that? This seems like a good time to clap.
  16. Yeah... I don't think I needed to see that creepy flashback to young Beast and his dead mom.
  17. This reading on the snow bridge thing together is new. I don't know how I feel about it.
  18. If they don't sing my second favorite song I'm leaving.
  19. Phew, they sang it.
  20. I have to pee so bad.
  21. I hate Gaston right now.
  22. The magical-ness of all the castle things is amazing.
  23. The Beast looks just like my Barbie version of the Beast right now. I wonder if I still have him?
  24. Her one gold earring is weird.
  25. Man, the Beast is winded after that dance! That's some audible breathing.
  26. Since when does the Beast have a song?
  27. CGI stuff is so creeptastic.
  28. Why is she still in that gold dress?
  29. The castle 'people' fighting the village people is amazing.
  30. A gun? Since when does Gaston have a gun?
  31. That was the 'gay' moment? That may have been advertised a little strong for what it was.
  32. Oooooh, I really like her dress at the end.
  33. I did not realize all of the castle people were super famous people!
  34. Wait, wasn't Belle cold like the entire time? Where were her coats?

As one of the girls was walking out of the theater I heard her say, 'all I wanted to do was break into song!'

She's right. That's all I wanted to do too, but I didn't... though I swear my mom was singing the last song.

While some of my thoughts may have sounded critical, I really did like the movie. I was just bummed they left out some of my favorite lines for the original.

I'm guessing many 'Beauty and the Beast' fans will feel the same. They got rid of the funniest lines in the song, 'Gaston,' and they didn't do the reprise which included 'crazy old Maurice.'

Also missing was the quintessential convo between Mrs. Potts and Chip at the end of the dance scene, 'Off to the cupboard now with you Chip, it's past your bedtime.'

Maybe I'm nuts, but those were such specific parts of the original and they were on the soundtrack so it was strange that they wouldn't be included.

However, the movie was totally worth going to see, the special effects were so good, I was legitimately scared that some of the characters would die even though I knew they wouldn't.

I do prefer the original though, and I now need to watch it and also study up on this Agathe character.

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