You think you can survive without it, but let's face it, you can't.

First world problems over here, my phone died last night... and I'm talking died.

Black screen, battery died to 1%, turned off and I was never able to resuscitate it.

Imagine, it's 6pm, you just get home from work.

All you wanted to do was drink a wine cube (yep, a real, delicious thing), and watch the finale of 'Grey's Anatomy,' but no.

Now you are phoneless and realizing that it's a pretty big deal.

Then the thoughts come flooding in:

  • Hey, this isn't so bad, I can just watch this show completely uninterrupted.
  • But, um, then what?
  • How will text my mom after something stressful happens on the show?
  • What if I die and I need to call 911?
  • No one will know until tomorrow.
  • Thank God for my computer, let's see if can help me on Facebook.
  • All of the places are closed or closing in like 20 minutes.
  • I think I really need my phone.
  • What about that guy in that app? He'll think I didn't want to talk anymore.
  • So basically, I need a new phone or an alarm clock before I go to bed.
  • Why did my cell phone provider just tell my mom they sent their techs home early, is this really happening?
  • Forget it, wine and 'Grey's,' I have to figure this out.
  • Target? Target will solve all of my problems, right?
  • So I'm at Target... it's 8:30 and my phone still won't boot up.
  • Can I get a new phone?
  • Just hanging at Target with Bennett, the phone guy, trying all of the things to get this phone to work or get a new phone.
  • It's 9:00...
  • Poor Target guy, I think he thought I would leave if it didn't work in ten minutes.
  • Excuse me, if I'm not getting a phone, can you show me where the alarm clocks are?
  • How do we shut off 'Find my iPhone,' when we can't turn it on?
  • We need a computer? I happen to have one with me...don't ask...
  • Ok, you can ask.
  • I brought it with me in case I needed to contact someone in case I die.
  • It's 9:22.
  • You're telling me if I can't get a new phone, I can get this SIM card phone thing? But the only one that works with iPhones is $150.
  • Yeah, I'm broke so...
  • Now my amazing new friend in the black Target shirt is literally running to the back of the store to find me my new phone.
  • He's back, he's panting. Can I tip him?
  • And now he's running again to get more paper for his printer
  • Yep, there's that voice in the speaker, telling me Target is closing.
  • Have I ever closed down Target before?
  • Surprisingly, no.
  • I think I might cry I'm so happy right now.
  • Seriously, can you tip the Target electronics guy? I feel like I should send him a cookie or something.

And ladies and gentlemen, I have a new phone.

As of 10 p.m., when Target was closing, after four different places couldn't help me.

For years, I've been saying Target is my life saver, but I really think that's the truth now. Bennett from the Machesney Park store, you rock.

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