It may seem like a silly thing to be excited about, but the Cubs retweeted my sister-in-law's photo of her new baby and the comments are pretty awesome.

I'm a little jealous. I've sent the Cubs and Anthony Rizzo a million tweets and all I get are creepy dudes responding... but I get it, she has an official Cubs baby.

So May 8, my newest nephew was born and his name is Maddon, yep, like Joe Maddon.

Being the social media people we are, we started tweeting, 'gramming, Facebooking the Cubs and Joe trying to get a response.

I gave up after a day, but Maddon's mommy did not. She tweeted, and tweeted and tweeted and then.... she became a Twitter superstar.

Ok, she's not THAT famous or anything, but I would say over 1,000 likes and almost 100 shares is pretty awesome.

The best part, though, of course, are the comments.

First, even though it could be an intern doing this, we'll take a comment from the Cubs account.

Then we get Linnea... I'm not sure if she's trying to be funny, or serious, but no, it's not, his middle name is Thomas.

Next, Glover, who made a pretty easy joke... I dunno Glover, do you know what family this baby was born into? We wear matching sports clothes like 5 days a week.

Then finally, Erik, with my favorite comment.

I will of course be monitoring the post for even greater comments.

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